Chronicles of Khaldun: Of Kith and Kin

Session 14

Freeday, Ready’reat 28, 552 CY (50 AN)

Dominic, Gerald, Lyo, and Sol arrive at Barrowmount with Nortle’s body in tow. A merchant caravan has parked along the road, evidently too large to enter the village. Ignoring the caravan, the travelers make their way to The Angel’s Spear, now crowded with merchants and workmen. After getting their bearings (and checking in with Bollo, who is suitably impressed at the progress Gerald has made with his coin trick), Dominic and Gerald move to take Nortle’s body to the local temple of the Raven Queen while Lyo and Sol get drinks. They sit at the only table with space remaining in the establishment — a lone table in the corner where sits a heavily-armored and cloaked red-skinned dragonborn. Sol asks if they may sit, and introductions are made; the dragonborn gives his name as Jotunn. During the course of the conversation, they learn that Jotunn has been traveling and only just arrived in Barrowmount this morning. They proceed to share the news that they have been delving into the barrow mounds to the south. Despite losing a party member, they have had some success delving the mounds, and they have not investigated terribly far into the mounds. Would Jotunn be interested in joining them on tomorrow’s delve? He agrees.

Dominic and Gerald make arrangements with Brother Othar at the Shrine of Black Wings to store Nortle’s body as well as some of the treasures they have acquired. When they return, they similarly make introductions with Jotunn. Over drinks, they talk, but the afternoon is otherwise uneventful.

The next morning, Dominic, Gerald, Jotunn, Lyo, and Sol awaken early to leave Barrowmount, delving again into the Heathwood.



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